The #1 thing you need to improve
your marriage…

When life gets busy, it’s easy to think things like…

“He doesn’t respect me.”
“He never helps me.”
“We live like roommates.”
“We don’t have any time for each other.”
“I have to do everything.”

Eventually, you feel… uninspired.
You feel unloved. You feel unwanted. You feel stuck.

And often… you feel hopeless.

You can have a better marriage.
We promise.


We got you, mama.

We’re Sterling and Lorissa. We are relationship coaches and we help Catholic moms have the marriage God wants them to have.

This isn’t an “offer it up” kind of program.

We will teach you how to actually have less pain in your marriage. You get results quickly.

Our Four-Step Process

Build Self-Confidence

You’ll learn how to build up trust with yourself, how to have your own back, and how to speak to yourself.

React From Compassion

You’ll know how to treat yourself and your husband with deep compassion. It feels lovely. It feels like healing.

Bring God into Everything

Discover how to bring God into your marriage in a way that feels wonderful instead of shaming. Learn how to feel God with you.

Recommit to Your Marriage

By the time you get to step four, you will be ready to recommit to your marriage in a whole new way.

How does it work?

Join our monthly membership called Masters.

We teach you the base tool we use in all our programs. You can learn it in less than an hour and start improving your marriage immediately.

Then during the whole month of September we will be doing marriage specific coaching, having group discussions and working through a workbook as a community to heal and improve our marriages!

We promise, one month will change your life.
Plus, you can cancel anytime.

Masters Members Say…

We asked Masters members how their marriages have been improved (and this is BEFORE we’ve even released the Marriage Transformed program!) and here’s what they had to say:

We are truly gaining a deeper understanding of each other through using the model. We are communicating at a whole new level as a result!

– Kathy

Masters has helped me to become a whole new version of me as a wife; and now I can proudly say that it is possible to balance everything: family, career, business, and myself it is just a matter of mindset and self-control. Thank you very much! You are truly helping women to be saints.

– Apple

The tools I learned in Masters enabled me to overcome the BIGGEST hangups in my marriage by myself. Changing my mindset, my actions, and my results made all the difference. It is unreal how many of our problems boiled down to misunderstanding and thoughts that just are not true! My marriage has gone from good to amazing! Now I am the watcher of my thoughts. I’m looking for ways that my husband is showing me love from a place of compassion and understanding, instead of looking for ways he isn’t from a place of resentment and bitterness. It has been a true GAME CHANGER!

– Aubrey

Marriage Transformed
is About Hope.

After this program, you will…

– Know how to disagree well.

– How to repair things after a disagreement.

– How to feel safer in your marriage.

– How to love yourself through everything.

– Know how to ask questions to better understand your husband.

Have the exact tools to keep improving your marriage for years to come.


Marriage Transformed includes:

Simple & short videos that teach you these tools:

– The Model & The Manual

– Processing Pain

– Setting Boundaries

These tools change everything.

Group coaching so you can share what you’re going through and a coach can help you see the situation more clearly.

An amazing community of Catholic moms who are vulnerable, supportive, andย  who want to be saints!

A workbook to keep your swirling thoughts about your husband straight.

Featuring powerful questions that open you up to the possibility of having a healthy, happy, and holy marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered before you ask!

How much time does it take?

It takes as much or as little time as you want. There are no requirements or tests ๐Ÿ˜‰ We recommend filling out the Made Daily worksheet every day which takes 5-10 minutes but even that is optional. All our videos are short because hey, we’re moms. We want bite-sized pieces!

Is it just for young moms?

No way! Our community is filled with young moms who have babies… all the way to seasoned moms who are caring for their own aging parents. It’s important to manage your mind at all stages of life!

Is it just for moms?

We designed this community for Catholic moms but we welcome Catholic women who are not moms. Most of our courses are not about being a mom. For example, our weight loss videos are all about managing your emotions, not about kids. So as long as you’re fine with us saying mom a lot, come join us!

How long do I have to be part of this membership?

This is a monthly program but you can sign up for one month and then cancel any time. You can sign up, download the Made Daily worksheet, watch the videos and then cancel and take those tools with you! We’re pretty confident that once you get in, you’ll want to stay ๐Ÿ˜‰

What makes you qualified to teach about marriage?

We are all certified life coaching who have been trained in very powerful tools that help women improve any relationship in their lives. We are all devout Catholics and our goal is to help you encounter the Holy Spirit so you can heal and improve your marriage.

What is group coaching and do I have to participate?

We offer several sessions of group coaching per week through Zoom. Anyone can come and you can participate anonymously. If you want coaching, you raise your hand, we will call on you and coach you on the spot. Its’ a beautiful and powerful experience! To don’t have to catch the calls live. They’re all recorded.

You are 30 days away from a better marriage.


Join us in Masters!