The room where you decide to step into who God is calling you to be.

Your brain lies to you.

It tells you that you don’t have what it takes, you don’t know how to do business, that it’s wrong of you to want to grow your business, and that being more successful will hurt your family. 

After six months, you’ll know how to squash the lies to get back to work, living out your God-given mission.

This is where you discover what's possible.

Your brain has tricked you into...

Playing Small

If God has called you to business, it’s your job to show up. Stop acting confused and talking yourself into playing small. Listen to the calling He has placed in your heart and really go for it. It’s time to step into who God is calling you to be.

Reinventing the Wheel

When you do business alone, you do things the hard way because you don’t trust yourself. When you do business in community, you see your talent, you learn to trust yourself. And we help each other. The Holy Spirit moves and amazing things happen.

Ignoring Your Needs

Your mind is a jumbled mess. And it shows up as pain in your body. You’re overeating, under sleeping, and not asking for help. You’re not taking care of yourself. You secretly believe that what you’re doing is wrong so you punish yourself by burning out to prove business is not for you. 

My top spiritual gift is faith:

To be firmly persuaded of God's power and promises to accomplish His will and purpose and to display such a confidence in Him and His Word that circumstances and obstacles do not shake that conviction. 1 Cor. 12:8-10

This gift isn’t talking about simply being Catholic. I have a supernatural, God-given gift to just… believe. I am good at discerning God’s will and trusting what I hear no matter what the circumstances and obstacles.

And let me tell you, living like that feels like peace. It feels like the bone-deep conviction of knowing that God made me to shepherd six little souls in my home and women like you in my business. I balance the two very well and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you.

Do you feel feel conflicted, guilty, & stuck?

Imagine this...

The Marian Mastermind is a 12-Month Program and it includes:

2 Live Events

I will host two 2-day live in person events. We do dive in deep into your business. This includes prayer time, Mass, and making a solid four-year plan for your business. I will also coach you on anything that comes up.

One-on-One Coaching

I will coach you 1:1 twice every month for 30 minutes. We’ll dive into what God has asked you, the strategy to get there, and any fears/doubts you have that are holding you back. I will coach you hard but with love.

Weekly Class

We will meet weekly and during that time I will be teaching, we’ll workshop things together, I’ll do some coaching, or I’ll be bringing in guest experts! These will be recorded and available as a private podcast for ease!

A Slack Group

Slack is a business forum that makes it easy to chat about specific topics (e.g. technology, money, social media, hiring etc.) This is where I’ll be coaching you during the week.


Let’s be honest, I’m always reading books, listening to podcasts, and investing in my own business coaching so I know I’ll be learning new things and sharing them with you along the way!


One of the hardest things about making multiple six-figures is how lonely it feels! Having other Catholic moms to talk to about doing business at this level is so comforting. In this room, we get it.

"She constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner."

When I started working with Sterling I was a brand new coach with zero clients, made zero dollars in my business, and had very little confidence! Six months later I have made over $20k as a coach, have more consults than I have spots in my schedule for, am expanding into podcasting, and am in the process of creating a group for my niche! 

I am beyond grateful for the time, effort, love, and massive belief that Sterling has had in me since day one! She is the calm support that I sometimes fail to provide myself. She is the strength when my doubt is too heavy and she constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Made for Business and the Holy Spirit lead business coaching that Sterling provides! Thank you, Sterling!!!

- Gina

Here's what you need:

Joan Up

Be like St. Joan of Arc. She had no experience and no business leading an army. But God asked her to so she said yes. She showed up. She believed Him. If He’s calling you to business, it’s time to Joan Up and answer the call.
She didn’t play small. She went for it.

Holy Spirit-led Business

God really does talk to us and you can learn how to discern His voice. Once you know how to do this, it’s just a matter of taking notes and trusting the notes even on the hard days when you want to quit. He knows what you’re capable. He needs you to be His hands.

Sainthood State

Learn to notice when you’re anxious/stress/depressed… and use the tools I teach in this Mastermind to bring yourself back to a sainthood state: being in alignment with the Holy Spirit and exhibiting fruits in your life like peace, love, joy, and self-control.

In the Marian Mastermind, we chase peace.

If you’re here, you already know how to make money.

I’m going to show you to make more money, faster and easier.

I’m going to show you how to build a team (at work and at home) so you can stop doing things you should have let go of by now.

God gave you very specific talents.

He gave other women different talents.

Let’s leverage your talents and their talents to grow a business from peace.

How does that sound?

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions before joining? Get them answered here.

Yes. This is one of the few things I offer that is just for moms. We’re going to talk about the challenges of building a business while raising kids and I want everyone in the room to feel comfortable sharing if they want to.

Great! I have several non-profit clients and I love helping them build their foundations. Leaning on the Holy Spirit is the same and the strategy for building a non-profit is very straightforward. We get clear on the mission, we clean up any fears you have around asking for money, and you hit the ground running being His hands in the world.

Yes! It’s $6,000 and it will be twice that the next time I open the doors.Mmaking a big investment in your business is literally why you will show up more. You know this is true. Being ready to join also means you’re ready to take your business more seriously. 

I get it, business owners, especially mom business owners, are busy. That’s why I don’t give lots of homework. In fact, I never make you do anything. We pray, we make plans together that you think are reasonable and then you execute the plan. And if you don’t? I meet you with love and compassion and we figure out why your brain didn’t want to stick to the plan. This is a big part of what business coaching is about. And one thing I work on a lot with my client is time management and mind management around time. When you know what you’re supposed to be doing, you get your work done in a lot less time.

I’m looking for women with business experience who are ready to grow a multiple-six-figure business. The requirement to join the Marian Mastermind is that you’ve sold at least $100,000 in a 12-month period in a business (even if it’s a previous one.) If you don’t meet that requirement yet, I highly recommend you join The Made For Business Society.

I’ve written dozens of business plans and have been doing business for 20 years. I know A LOT about business. My business is understanding YOUR business. If there’s something I don’t know, I’ll go learn. But for most of my clients, the problem is not an industry-specific technical detail, it’s that they’re scared or they don’t know what to do or they hate sales. I’m a mindset coach that puts you together with the Holy Spirit so HE is the one telling you what to do next.

Holy Spirit Business Coaching

It's time to step fully into who God is calling you to be.

Let's do business together as we pursue sainthood.

My job is to put you and the Holy Spirit together so you hear what He is calling you to do then. Then I make sure you believe in yourself and have all the tools you need to balance this calling with raising your kids. This involves teaching, coaching, and cheering you on. This is your training ground. People who desire excellence, hire a coach. Women who want to be saints, hire a Catholic coach. 

Imagine a room where it feels safe to talk about money, investments, childcare, having to fire someone, and simply saying out loud… yes, I do want to make multiple six-figures or more in my business. It will change you. It will change how you show up in your business and your life. Everyone in the room will be serious business owners who are genuinely committed. No one is playing at business in this room.

No one thought it was possible to run a 4-minute mile until someone did. Then dozens of people did. That’s exactly what happens in a room like this. You get to see what’s possible… Catholic moms making lots of money while still raising their kids with the balance they want. Maybe someone tells you about an amazing laundry service or how they found the sweetest Catholic au pair.  Maybe someone hires a Manager of Operations but the runner up candidate was so amazing she shares her resume with you. The networking and support in this room is powerful.

Ready for the Marian Mastermind?

$8,000 pay in full or
$750/month for 12 months

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