Challenge Details

Get ready to crush some goals and have some fun! Sign-up to be part of this 14-day challenge and we will put you into teams of four women. Here’s what involved in the challenge:

  • Set one personal goal (e.g. organize closet, lose four pounds, vacuum out car, go to the dentist… anything you’ve been putting off that you’d love to finally cross off your to-do list!)
  • Set one fun goal (e.g. get your nails down, spend two hours in a bookstore, have a drink with a friend… it has to TRULY be just for you and just for fun. Chores don’t count!)
  • Share your goal with your three other teammates.
  • Cheer each other on for the fourteen days (you ladies can email, text, zoom… anything. It’s up to you!)

Two Ways To Win

At the end of the fourteen days, if ALL FOUR of you have achieved BOTH of your goals, you will be put into a drawing. We will be selecting two winning teams and each person gets a $25 Amazon gift cards so there will be a total of 8 winners, yay!

ANY INDIVIDUAL mama who achieves both her goals is invited to a Masters Happy Hour Zoom party. We’re gonna get dressed up and have a drink together on camera. You can be jammies on the bottom as long as you’re cocktail party on top ???? We’ll laugh and have fun and celebrate winning our goals and loving ourselves!

If that sounds amazing, join us in Masters and then you can join this super fun challenge!