Hello Mama!
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Get 100 encouraging phrases to say to your children WITH instructions so you don't accidentally discourage them.

Teach them that you love them, that God created them for special things, and that you love watching them live life!

BONUS: We'll also include 30 colorful and inspiring  "Mama Notes" which you can print off and give to your kids for an extra helping of love and encouragement!
As mom's, it's our job to encourage our kids,
but life kicks in and we find ourselves often
forgetting to do so.
We get it.
It's easy to focus on just getting through the day...
the meals...
the school work...
the house...
We forget to delight in the kids.

That's why we created this amazing and FREE
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We're making it easy to add a little extra sunshine to your family!
We're Sterling and Lorissa.
We help Catholic moms form deeper connections with their kids.
Here's what you get in the FREE Catholic Moms Encourage Bundle:
A short video explaining how to encourage your kids without accidentally discouraging them. You need to know this before you begin!
100 encouraging phrases that you can say to your kid whether they're 5 or 35. You have the ability to lift up your family with these powerful phrases.
30 colorful notes you can leave for your kids to find. In their lunchbox, the car, the bathroom, in their favorite book... these notes will bring the joy!