The Questions We Ask Matter

The Questions We Ask Matter

The thoughts we think and the questions we ask have more power than we often realize. When you ask yourself a question, your brain is going to go and look for answers. Make sure you are asking questions that get you the answers that actually serve you and lead you to a better life, better relationships and better experiences. In this podcast, Lorissa gives powerful examples of the types of questions that lead to life-giving answers.

How Your Brain Talks You Out of What You Want

Sometimes you want something but your brain gives you a shutting down thought. It’s a thought that stops you from wanting.

Common ones include:
I don’t have time.
I never implement things.
Nothing is going to help me.
I don’t have the money.
It’s probably not Catholic enough.

I break down how to think about each of those thoughts to figure out what you really want.

How to Stop Assuming The Worst

Most of the time, when our brain perceives uncertainty, it will automatically jump to the assumption that something negative has happened. It’s just the way we’ve been wired for thousands of years. The good news is, however, that can actually start to change that automatic programming, by putting our thoughts and our imagination to use for us in a way that serves us greater. In this podcast episode, Lorissa talks about how we can manage our thoughts in a way that shifts our thinking to a more positive light and can often times can lead to even greater positive results in our life.

What is a Lenten mindset?

There are an endless number of things to do for Lent. How do you choose?

And once you choose, how do you do Lent… well? Sterling breaks down what the word mindset means and how you can create an intentional mindset about Lent.

This Lent, Give Up Your Struggle With Weight with Guest Host Denise Jelinek

Join Denise Jelinek, special guest host of this episode, as she reveals the secrets to a healthier relationship with food. Listen to her powerful story of food recovery and discover how she has helped women find peace with food. Sign up for Denise’s eight-week intensive starting Feb 13th and take the first step towards your own journey to food freedom.

Life is Short, My Friends

Sterling gives an update on her life since discovery coaching. She talks about the discomfort of growing and why it is well worth the effort to heal your wounds and go for your dreams!

A Bit of Tough Love

Sometimes, we all need a little bit of tough love to help us get out of our own way. On this episode, Lorissa shares an experience receiving some tough love from her mother that helped her re-write the story she was creating about her life.

Husband is on His Phone Too Much

Husband is on His Phone Too Much

It can be really painful when your husband is looking at his phone and not paying attention to you. But the way that you respond, you have 100% control over that. When you learn that you can act charitably even when your husband is playing games on his phone, you are going to feel so powerful as a Catholic mom. This is what the sainthood journey looks like.

Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zone

We are made for happiness, joy, love and fulfillment, but most of the time in order to experience these things, we have to be willing to step out of our comfort zone. In this episode, Lorissa share three ways in which we can step out of our comfort zone in order to step more fully into the lives of greatness God is inviting us to.

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