I help Catholic moms build businesses that are simple, holy and profitable.

There's only one reason to be in business... because God asks you to. If He's called you to business, He has a plan.

I help you stop spinning out in confusion or resisting God by telling Him why you can’t do this. We get calm, make a plan, and execute the plan. It feels simple and lovely when you work with the Holy Spirit.

Hands up if you feel...

Out of Place

Maybe you’re surrounded by moms who don’t like or think about business. You can’t tell if it’s selfish of you to want this or if God is really calling you.

Dumb Sometimes

You know what can make you feel dumb? Starting a business. Even if you’re good at what you do, diving into the world of technology and sales can make a strong woman feel strong. It’s confusing without help!

Conflicted... a lot

You feel called to business but you have kids. You want to set big goals and make lots of money but you want to live a humble life for God. You want to serve people but you don’t want to be salesy.

I went from making hobby money for five years to supporting my family with a six-figure business.

And I did it while homeschooling my six kids.

Hi, I’m Sterling. I used to feel so discouraged. I’d work so hard putting a course together, then I’d price it low to help other Catholic moms out and then it wouldn’t sell. Moms loved my podcast and my books. They told me my work was great… but I wasn’t making any money. Then I’d feel guilty for working at all and taking time away from the kids. I’d want to give it all up.

Then I’d feel that calling again, deep in my soul, God asking me to do something. I’d get back at it creating content and trying to figure out technology and social media. I’d doubt myself and feel like a fraud. It was a roller coaster.

Then I learned how to let the Holy Spirit run my business. So simple.

When you learn to stop spinning out, how to calm down, and invite the Lord in, business becomes very straightforward. That’s when you start making real money.

I am going to teach you how to do business without:

You don't have to feel confused, guilty, and stuck.

Imagine this...

"She constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner."

When I started working with Sterling I was a brand new coach with zero clients, made zero dollars in my business, and had very little confidence! Six months later I have made over $20k as a coach, have more consults than I have spots in my schedule for, am expanding into podcasting, and am in the process of creating a group for my niche! 

I am beyond grateful for the time, effort, love, and massive belief that Sterling has had in me since day one! She is the calm support that I sometimes fail to provide myself. She is the strength when my doubt is too heavy and she constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Made for Business and the Holy Spirit lead business coaching that Sterling provides! Thank you, Sterling!!!

- Gina

Here's why business feels so hard:

You're not treating it like a mission.

If God has called you to business, it’s your job to show up. But if you keep acting confused and talking yourself out of it, you won’t be able to hear His wisdom. He knows exactly what you should be doing. Accept the mission and show up.

You want to be in charge.

Of course, you want to be in charge. That feels safe to your brain. If you control it, you’ll succeed. Except, you don’t really believe that either. Sometimes you think YOU’RE the reason you’re not succeeding. So which is it? Let God be in control, then amazing things happen.

You don't like sales or marketing.

Few of us get into business because we love sales or love marketing. Those feel like the icky parts that we have to slog through to do the fun parts. But what if you viewed sales and marketing like evangelization? Ahhh, yes. It feels so much better. I’ll show you how.

Here's what you need instead:

Joan Up

Be like St. Joan of Arc. She had no experience and no business leading an army. But God asked her to so she said yes. She showed up. She believed Him. If He’s calling you to business, it’s time to Joan Up and answer the call.

Holy Spirit-led Business

God really does talk to us and you can learn how to discern His voice. Once you know how to do this, it’s just a matter of taking notes and trusting the notes even on the hard days when you want to quit.

Market Like An Evangelist

Once you learn how sales and marketing are simply a form of evangelization, they don’t feel yucky anymore. Then you hone your craft because you want to spread the message God has given you. This feels amazing.

I'll show you how to get out of your own way.

build a business confidently with wisdom from the holy spirit.

"I definitely feel a huge shift in my business thanks to working with Sterling."

While I haven’t made more money yet, I definitely feel a huge shift in my business thanks to working with Sterling. She has taught me how to invite the Holy Spirit into my business, which has allowed me to (finally) get unstuck. I have clarity and motivation that I haven’t experienced in the 12 years I have been in business. It is hard being a solopreneur and not having someone to brainstorm with and I have appreciated Sterling’s input and expertise. 

Quite honestly, I never really thought business coaching would be something I would be interested in, or would even be helpful. I am happy to report that I was wrong about that. God nudged me to contact her – I listened and took action. I am so grateful and look forward to growing my business to whatever size God has planned for me.

- Christie

Holy Spirit Business Coaching

Learn how to make money by letting the Holy Spirit run your business.

Yes, you can raise kids and make good money at the same time.

This is your training ground. We invite the Holy Spirit in, we listen to what He has to say and then we tackle anything standing in the way of HIs plan. Sometimes it’s mindset work, sometimes it’s straight strategy like brainstorming workshop material or figuring out your next Facebook ad.

All my 1:1 clients get added to the Made For Business society Facebook group. If you want to spend time with other Catholic moms who are building big businesses and non-profits, this is the place to be. The trainings are advanced and the community support is lovely.

Entrepreneurship is lonely. We feel lost and confused and deflated… a lot. But as your coach, I will cheer you on as your biggest fan. I will ask you about your week. You will love crushing your to-do list and we will celebrate together. It’s great to have someone in your corner!

Here's the plan​

Step 1 - Book a Call

This call is fun and no pressure! We’re just going to talk about your dreams and your business, non-profit, or your idea. We’re going to talk about money. How much do you want to make and what are you going to do with it? I’m going to ask you what you think is holding you back. Then I’m going to listen to your brain and tell you WHAT’S REALLY holding you back.

Step 2 - Pray

We don’t make big investments without praying and talking to our husbands. You won’t make a decision on the phone with me. I’ll leave it up to you and the Holy Spirit. God brings me everyone I’m supposed to work with. I trust Him and you to figure it out.

Step 3 - Get Mission Ready

If you feel called to work with me, God will give you the time and money to do so. Trust in Him. My clients say things like… “I just knew you were supposed to be my coach.” “I wasn’t going to sign up yet but God kept bugging me about it.” “I had so much peace about moving forward.” “You helped me to believe that my dream was really possible. Let’s do this!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions before applying? Get them answered here.

You don’t have to be a mom but you do have to be Catholic. I’m not sure I would even know how to coach if it wasn’t filled with lots of praying and talk about Mary, the Holy Spirit, and the saints. And yes, you have to be a woman. Sorry gentlemen, you’re awesome but I’m on a mission to put more money in the hands of Catholic women!

Great! I have several non-profit clients and I love helping them build their foundations. Leaning on the Holy Spirit is the same and the strategy for building a non-profit is very straightforward. We get clear on the mission, we clean up any fears you have around asking for money, and you hit the ground running being His hands in the world.

Yes! Business coaching is a big investment but it’s one of the best investments you can make. Do you want to create results faster and with less drama? That’s why we invest in business coaches. They help us see clearly and make decisions faster so we can move toward our target without veering off the path so often.

I get it, business owners, especially mom business owners, are busy. That’s why I don’t give lots of homework. In fact, I never make you do anything. We pray, we make plans together that you think are reasonable and then you execute the plan. And if you don’t? I meet you with love and compassion and we figure out why your brain didn’t want to stick to the plan. This is a big part of what business coaching is about. And one thing I work on a lot with my client is time management and mind management around time. When you know what you’re supposed to be doing, you get your work done in a lot less time.

Great question. Some of my clients have money saved or a husband with a great job and they want to launch a business faster by working with a coach. Some of my clients don’t have extra money yet and aren’t ready to invest in a business coach. I recommend joining Masters for only $49 and doing the Launch to $10k program to earn the money for business coaching. It just depends on where you’re at in your life and if you have more time or money at the moment. And as always… pray and talk to God about it!

I’ve written dozens of business plans and have been doing business for 20 years. I know A LOT about business. If there’s something I don’t know, I’ll go learn. But for most of my clients, the problem is not an industry-specific technical detail, it’s that they’re scared or they don’t know what to do or they hate sales. I’m a mindset coach that puts you together with the Holy Spirit so HE is the one telling you what to do next.

Ready to step into the business God is calling you to?

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