We help Catholic moms build businesses that are simple, holy and profitable.

WE start by asking the Holy Spirit what he wants you to do. Then we get to work creating a plan to make that happen without sacrificing your family life.

There's two ways we can work together to do tHat:

1 on 1 Business Coaching

Business coaching that’s grounded in the Catholic faith. It’s part mindset, part strategy, and a whole lot of Jesus! Learn to set goals with the Lord, trust Him to lead you, and feel comfortable making money. Business doesn’t have to feel so stressful. I’ll show you how.

Masters Membership

Masters is on online Catholic community of women who are growing their businesses with weekly group coaching, tons of tech tutorials, an active Facebook group that’s so supportive, and our Launch to $10k program for those of you who are just getting started!

Entrepreneurship doesn't have to feel lonely.


Together with other catholic moms, you’ll learn how to do business from conviction and peace with weekly group coaching, a lovely facebook group, our launch to $10k program if you’re just starting and lots of tech tutorials to show you how to setup a website, take payments, and create funnels. We got you!

Weekly Group Coaching

Whether you have a practical question about your business or your mind is a mess, come to group coaching and Sterling will help you until you leave with a clear plan! All calls are recorded so you can watch the replay!

Launch to $10k

Whether you’ve started your business already or not, I highly recommend that you go through the Launch to $10k workbook so you know your mission, your client, and your offer inside and out… all with the Holy Spirit.

Tech Tutorials

Sometimes you just need to know HOW! Sterling walks you through how to start a podcast, create a website, take payments, send out emails and more so you don’t get lost in the YouTube tutorial rabbit hole!

The BEST Facebook Group

Seriously, it’s the nicest group of women who will cheer you on to succeess and support you in any way they can. They give great advice and lift you up in prayer plus, they’re in the business building trenches with you!

Website/Brand Reviews

Sterling regularly asks for your website, your latest email, an ad you’ve created or sales page and she’ll review them and give you feedback! Sometimes we just need a fresh set of eyes to improve our work!

Market Like An Evangelist

Sterling has created the Market Like An Evangelist challenge to help you get over your fear or dislike of marketing. It starts with a Holy Spirit novena, then a 100 post challenge, and then healing with the Lord!

Ready for a Catholic business coach to help you level up?

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