We’re on a Mission!

We want to help 10,000 Catholic moms live the life God is calling them to
by teaching them to manage their minds.

Basically, we teach Catholic moms how to become saints. 

Lorissa Horn

Catholic Life Coach

Hello, I’m Lorissa Horn. 28 years ago Jesus Christ captivated my heart and I’ve been pursuing Him ever since. In this extraordinary adventure of following him, He’s led me to my amazing husband Johnny and together we have seven beautiful children ages 16 down to 2.

I’m the Director of Campus Ministry at Bishop Kelly High School in Boise and serve in youth ministry with my husband at our Cathedral parish. I’m also a Certified Life & Transformational Coach dedicated to helping Catholic Mom’s overcome stress and overwhelm in order to step confidently into the life of joy and freedom that God desires for them. 

I have a big heart for serving young people and desire to create life changing Catholic content that helps them in all aspects of their lives while helping them grow in their relationship with Christ. I’m passionate about many things: ministry, teaching, retreat/conference planning, speaking and coaching and most especially about joyfully living out my vocation as a wife and mother.

I am beyond excited to be a part of a team that is bringing these transformational Life Coaching tools to Catholic Moms and cannot wait to connect with you, Mama as we dive into this most important work of cultivating our best lives possible; lives overflowing with intention, love, purpose and greatness!

My motto for life: Let’s be Saints!

Sterling Jaquith

Catholic Life Coach

Hi friend, welcome. You reading this page is a dream come true for me. It has long been on my heart to create a company that helps Catholic moms feel fully alive. It’s so easy for us to wake up and trudge through the diapers, the sibling fights, a stiff marriage, three meals a day… all of it without really being present and without joy.

I’m here to tell you that joy is possible. It’s possible to love your life right now no matter what’s happening around you.

I’m a homeschooling mom of six kiddos 9 and younger. That’s right, I had six babies in eight years. Whew! I have a mostly abstinence marriage. I run a company from my home. I have no support from my extended family and I’m the only one who is Catholic.

Through the life coaching tools I’m going to share with you, I lost 70 pounds, learned to LOVE being a boss mom while learning to be a fun mom at the same time, made more progress in my marriage than in our previous four years of counseling, and most importantly, I learned to love myself the way I believe God loves me. 

Come join us in Masters and we’ll teach you how to do all of that.

Emily Brown

Catholic Life Coach

Hello, I am Emily. I fell in love with Jesus in the Eucharist as a teenager and that love for him in the holy Mass is what I believe to have been my saving grace after my first husband died in a car accident when I was 20 years old. After trying to piece my life together on my own, I handed my life and desires for marriage and children back to the Lord. He fulfilled that desire abundantly to say the least! Now, nearly 18 years later, I am a happily married ministry junky, with seven children, ages 14 down to 3! God is so good! 

After trying private school and public school for our children, we are entering our fourth year as full-time homeschoolers. I love talking about schooling and helping moms who feel called to homeschool find their confidence in their calling. I love helping all mothers find their self-confidence!!

I have a story that has shaped who I am. But, along with that story have come some deep-seated beliefs and negative self-talk that has held me back from reaching for my goals. Those beliefs and that story have kept me from loving the life that God has given me.

That negative self-talk kept me buried in self-doubt about my worth and God’s love for me.

I absolutely love helping Catholic women see that there is hope!! God has plans for you, but it can be so hard to see beyond today, when life feels “busy” and overwhelming. Come hang out with me in Masters,

I’d love to be your coach so I can show you that no matter what your story is, you are worthy, you are valuable, and you can love the life that God has given you. Let me show you how to step into the life that God is dreaming for you!

Kara Johnson

Director of Spiritual Enrichment (Aka Prayer Warrior)

Hey, mama! I’m Kara Johnson. After years of being an all-in Protestant, mentoring women and writing for magazines and books, my world was rocked when I discovered the truth of Catholicism.

Now, I’m on a mission to learn, grow and implement all that our faith entails, as I seek to find ways to help nourish fellow mamas who want to do the same.

I’m beyond passionate about helping mamas discover their unique beauty and soul-deep calling as we, together, navigate the vices, virtues, victories, and VERY LONG DAY’s of motherhood.

I will help you hear God’s voice through prayer, faith studies, and the beautiful sacraments of our Church.