The Power of Choosing

July 6, 2022

Are you feel stuck or frustrated in your life? You probably need to choose. Sterling breaks down how you can feel powerful in your own life.



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Hello, and welcome to the Made for Greatness podcast. Today, I am your host Sterling Jaquith with, and we’re gonna be talking about the power of agency, the power of getting to choose. Basically it’s the opposite of being in a victim mentality. And I coach on this a lot in masters, our life coaching program, but also with my one on one clients where I notice a moment where they feel really helpless, the word helpless comes up, the word stuck. It’s yucky, it feels painful. Anytime we feel trapped and we believe that we are trapped, it feels terrible. Like, just imagine if you felt trapped in your marriage. And I have had plenty of times where I felt like that, or I felt like, oh my goodness, I do not enjoy this guy that much. And I can’t get outta it. I can’t get outta here. And then when we have intense moments with our children, for me, it was often little kid crying or poop things. It was like crying and poop things. I would have this feeling of like, oh no, I’m trapped. And I think another time it comes up in a sneaky way is a little bit around envy.


Lorissa Horn & Sterling Jaquith

Sterling and Lorissa are very different moms. Lorissa lives in town, her family loves playing baseball, and she’s proud to send them to Catholic school. Sterling lives in the country, her family loves camping, and she unschools the kids.

The thing these women have in common, an unyielding devotion to Christ. Seriously, if you hang out with either of them, they’re gonna talk about Jesus, a lot. He’s the center of their life.


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