May is FILLED with events and milestones. There’s confirmation, graduation, first communion, sports, wrapping up school and more! It can feel overwhelming.
But you get to decide how you want to experience the month. You get to decide if you want to be frantic or present. We’ll teach you two tools for not losing your mind.




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Hi, and welcome to the Made for Greatness podcast. I am your host Sterling Jaquith. And today we’re going to be talking about what should stay on your to-do list. And I wanna talk about this in a religious way, and then in an easy way, But May is coming up. And in my opinion, May is the most stressful month of all the months. We think it’s December, but we know December is crazy. So we kind of emotionally prepare for it, right? Like we’re like, Ooh, the holidays are crazy. And so there’s a certain amount of acceptance or preparation around all the things that happen in December. I think more things will happen in May, but we don’t see it coming. It just sneaks up on us. And so we really wanted to equip you guys with tools to help you get through may. And that is gonna be our focus in masters for May. We’re gonna be focusing on time management and saying no and not feeling guilty and this knowing what should stay on the calendar. So the first tool that I will wanna give you is one that came from the invitation of Christ.

And I think it’s about quieting our mind Sitting in stillness, really communing with the Lord And just getting in a state where we know that things are going to be okay. Because one of the challenges of having a lot of events and things going on in your calendar is they all feel important And they all feel urgent. And then we’re surrounded by people who agree with that. But when we take a step back and we think of heavenly things, It doesn’t feel the same way. What did you do last may? What did you do three days ago? These are not eternal things. They are important. We want to create good memories for our children, and we want to pause and celebrate milestones, But it is not the most important thing. So I wanna read you this prayer, And it’s Actually three times as long as what I’m gonna read you, but I’m just gonna read you the first part, because I think that that is important for what we’re talking about today. And it’s called a prayer for the mind’s enlightenment. Good Jesus enlighten me with the clear shining of inner light and expel all darkness from the chambers of my heart.

Restrain my many wandering thoughts and crush the temptations that batter me. Fight strongly for me and conquer the wicked beasts. I mean those seductive urging of mine, So that peace may be gained through your power. And so that your praise may flow fully in your holy temple, that is in a pure conscience. I love this prayer because it’s so simple. And it’s not about your to-do list. It’s about asking God to shine his light In your heart and to expel the darkness, To calm your wandering thoughts and to crush your temptations, the temptation to pride and anger and greed and getting everything right, And looking good in front of your friends. And then he says, conquer the wicked, be eats those seductive and sensual urgings of mine, right? One of mine is just food, just the desire to overeat. It can feel difficult to not overeat cake or muffins, especially when you’re going to a bunch of events. And so, as we see may approaching with confirmations and baptisms and graduations, and first communion and recitals and wrapping up the school year and sports, There’s a lot on the calendar in may,

But I wanna invite you to sit down And pray this prayer. We’ll put it up on our website for this episode. I’ll put the whole thing too. There’s more after that. That is also beautiful. And I want you to get really calm and still, it just feels so loved and supported by God. He loves you so much. And really sit and meditate on the passion, and eternity with God in heaven. We wanna think about eternity with God in heaven, but we also want to think about the price, The price that was paid, that we may even have a chance to go. And you will know when you are ready to think about your to-do list because you will feel so calm And so peaceful And full of love. And it will feel as if Jesus is sitting right there with you from that place. I want you to use this second tool. I want you to write down everything you could possibly think of that’s going to happen in May And everything that’s required to make that happen. For example, if somebody in your family is graduating from high school, Are you going to wanna dress up all of the kids for graduation? Are you going to want to get a special picture?

Are people coming in from out of town? How do you wanna celebrate with your kiddo? Is your kiddo gonna wanna celebrate with their friends? Right? Even just in that one event, there’s so many things that go into it, but we are calm. And we are making this list, Knowing that these things are both important and not important. So you make your list, your to-do list. There’s the actual events that are happening in May and then everything around the events. And then I want you to color code the list.

I want you to color code the list with four colors, and I will tell you the business version of this first, and then I will tell you the family version of this. So this is a business tool and I’ve heard it before, but one of the speakers at mastermind mentioned it again. And I thought, oh yeah, I remember that. And you did divide up your list into four categories, Easy to do, but high impact, Hard to do, but high impact, Easy to do, but low impact, Hard to do, but low impact, Right? So in your business, you can easily get it to how something might be easy or difficult to do, and that it might have a high or low impact on your business. But when you’re thinking about it for your family, I really want you to think about which things are easy for you to do or difficult for you to do. You can decide those, But which things are gonna have a high and a low impact on your family. That’s one way that I want you to think about it. And are any of these things gonna have a high or low impact on salvation?

Now let’s use tights and church shoes for first holy communion, as an example, Cuz those are clothes. So some of us might think, well, are clothes really important? That’s not a salvation issue, right? Receiving your first communion is obviously a sacrament. And that is an important part of this kiddo’s journey on their faith. The shoe matters. And I can’t tell you for you. I can say that with one kiddo, we took her and she got to pick out all of these things and everything was new and it was this beautiful experience for her. And then one kiddo really wanted to receive community. And this was during the pandemic and we had an opportunity to do it Suddenly and outside of the regular first communion Situation. And she really wanted to do it. She had been praying about it. And so she used all used things, But got to receive the communion when her heart really wanted to. So I know that you can do that either way. What I want to invite you to consider though, is as you are making these decisions, how can you choose them intentionally? How can you make these decisions from a place of peace and calm instead of  anxiety and panic.

An urgency on stress, How can we help you do all the things that you’re going to do in may calmly or with focus and determination or with conviction? For example, some of you may be called to sit in a drizzly soccer field. As soccer season begins in the spring. Nobody wants to do that. Nobody sits there thinking this is amazing, but you can sit there with a conviction that you feel like this is the best thing for your family. Give these kids this opportunity And you are delighted to watch them. And you feel like a good mom for having done this. Here’s the thing about May and December. We usually get to the end of the months and all the events happened. They’re not gonna not happen. You’re not gonna not make it to graduation or first communion. You’re going to make it through all of the events. And I wanna add, ask you, how do you wanna experience the month? Do you wanna experience the journey, gripping the steering wheel and being upset at everything that doesn’t go the way that you had planned? Or do you wanna roll the windows down and put some music on and enjoy the ride? It is possible to be calm and enjoy the journey of a very packed month,

But it starts with Jesus. It starts with anchoring your heart to his heart And being clear about eternal things And being really clear about the price that was paid for your salvation. Cuz when we really meditate on the passion, We are so filled with gratitude And then we are more willing to show up in our life, Ready to do the work that God is asking us to do And doing it from a place of Thanksgiving and praise that we even have this day. So I want you to put some time in your calendar in the next two weeks. An hour or two hours To pray And to be calm and to really ask yourself, how do I wanna experience all these moments? How do I wanna show up? How do I wanna speak to the children as we’re getting ready? How do I wanna speak to the children as we’re in the car? How do I wanna feed them? How do I wanna talk to myself about how I feed them? Right? It may be a lot of grab and grow dinners or fast food dinners in may to make all these other things happen. If that’s the case, I want you to choose it ahead of time

And decide that you are a good mom for choosing it. Like I’m a good mom because I know we’re gonna do McDonald’s on Tuesday, but that’s how I’m gonna make all of this stuff happen. I’m gonna feel good about myself Because I looked at the things that are on my calendar in may. And I decided that they were important to my family. Some of them have a high impact on my family life. Some of them have a high impact on their salvation life, their eternal life. You’re gonna take this trip no matter what. How do you wanna feel while you’re taking it? I’m praying for you. This may, it is such a gift and a privilege that we get to watch these children grow up and go through all these milestones And that we live in a country that’s free. And then we get to celebrate the sacraments without fear of persecution. We are living in a really beautiful time And I wanna invite you to be present for it And to enjoy it And to give thanks to God for all of it. If you would like to learn more about how to master the mayhem, that’s what we’re calling it. Master the mayhem. Join us in masters. Maid does not have to be a chaotic circus mess.

We can help you decide what’s important to you. Be intentional and choose how you want to feel for the month. And we will support you every step of the way, starting with A workshop on the first Monday of the month, like we always do. And then coaching on that topic. Every Monday after that, we have a program about time management. We have a weight loss program. If you wanna learn how to lose weight while there’s a bunch of cake everywhere, we can teach you how to do that. And if you just wanna be part of a group of women who want to design their life on purpose and not be at the mercy of everything on the calendar, come join us in masters. All right, ladies, I’m praying for you. You and remember you were Made for Greatness.