Sterling and Lorissa are talking about goals! They break down why you don’t achieve your New Years Resolutions and what to do instead.
They unveil the new Great Life Blueprint program and explain the three steps you need to take to see real change in your life. The Great Life Blueprint workshop is on January 3rd. Join Masters before then!




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Hello, and welcome to the made for greatness podcast. In episode 61, we have another special treat for you. I am joined by Lorissa welcome!

Lorissa (00:15)

Hello, Sterling. Hello friends. 

Sterling (00:19)

I’m so excited. We love, you know, doing the podcast together and we have a special announcement for you today. Today, the whole episode is gonna be about this new, great life program that we have launching on January 3rd. So Larissa, do you wanna tell them a little bit about this program? 

Lorissa (00:40)

Sure. You know, I think really what it comes down to all of us the beginning of the year, a new year comes around. We spend a lot of time thinking about:  what our goals, what are the things we’d like to do? We make, you know, goal lists and stuff. But then most of us know how this usually ends up. We make a list, it gets put into some journal or drawer, never to be seen again. Mm-Hmm and you know, we make a good attempt. Of course, we do. But life happens and we kind of get back into this, just our daily routine, daily life. And so we are kind of switching things up and we are creating a great life blueprint that is gonna set us up for massive success in 2022. And I can be more excited. I know Sterling, like, we’re both so excited about this because what we’re gonna be doing is really focusing on the one thing. And so, I don’t know. Do you wanna take it from there? Yeah, 

Sterling (01:46)

I do. I do. I do. I just wanna say, you know, you guys know I have been setting goals forever. I did the Catholic women crush goals program. Like what was that like five years ago? And then I did Catholic women shine and had that entire goal. Planner. I love goals, but one of the things that life coaching taught me because life coaching is really a bunch of tools about how your brain works. And one of the things that life coaching taught me was the power of constraint. And I think if you had told me that I had to pick one goal for the year, I would’ve freaked out. I would’ve been like no way I wanna lose weight and improve my, and spend more time with the kids and minimalize the house and organize all the closets, right? Like I had all these ideas and every year I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down and writing them all out. 

But Lorrisa is totally right. We get overwhelmed and we get busy and then we don’t do them. And most of us have had that experience for years and years and years. And some of you have even told me you don’t even set goals anymore. It was such a negative experience. And you didn’t feel like you had anything to look forward to, or you knew that you could make the goals, but that the kids would get in the way and you probably wouldn’t accomplish them. And it was actually something that made you feel sad when you thought about it. And so when I learned about this idea of setting one goal, I didn’t like the way that it sounded, but that is exactly what I have done since learning about life coaching. And here’s what I will tell you is so powerful about constraining to one goal. If you do what we teach you in this program, if you follow this blueprint for the one goal that you’re gonna focus on, you will learn the skills that you need level up, all the areas of your life. That’s, what’s incredible about it is by constraining and really learning how your brain works and how you can change your actual habits. You then become a powerful woman who knows that she can do that in any area of your life. Is that kind of what your experience was Lorrisa when you learned about this?

Lorissa (04:01)

Yes, totally. And I think that if you do think about that if you like to focus on and, and I think this is where we struggle because when we set all sorts of different goals in all of the different areas and a lot of times, those are big goals. It’s like, where do I even start? And you know, and it does, it feels totally overwhelming. And our brain doesn’t work well in trying to do all sorts of different things at once. Our brain works really well when we have something to focus on and we put our energy and our effort, our thoughts, all of it into that one thing. But I loved what you had to say, like when we learn how to do this, and when we learn how to create new habits and neural pathways in our brain to achieve the one specific goal, once we learn that, create those habits, work on that.

And once we start to see progress, we build momentum, we start working and we start moving in that direction. Not only does it affect all the other aspects of our life, but you’re right on it to totally teaches us a skill. Like we learn something, we learn how to be successful in one area, how to level up. I love how you said that in one area. And then all of a sudden we’re like, okay, I can do this. All of a sudden, we build self-confidence in ourselves. We, we see the progress and we’re like, gosh, I’m doing this is amazing. And then we can definitely down the road. Once we reach that goal, or once we’ve made significant progress, then we can apply that same skill set to any other area of our life. And this is what I’m so excited about for you. And I personally Sterling in our own lives, but then in the lives of our members and the lives of the women that we serve, because as we work on this together, it’s gonna be, I think, incredibly powerful and exciting to see the results that come..

Sterling (05:52)

Yeah and so, as we’re doing this workshop, we’re doing the great life blueprint workshop on January 3rd. And we’re gonna take you through this process. And there are three steps that we will take you through. The first is creating massive belief in yourself and in the process. And even just in this idea that working on one goal is the way to make progress in your life. Then we’re gonna take you through creating a powerful plan because here’s the thing you guys, most of you don’t believe that progress is possible. So you’re being terrible problem solvers. You’re not even accessing your amazing problem-solving capability. God gives us everything we need. He gives us this supercomputer brain. He gives us the people in our lives, the books that he puts in front of us, the whole internet, all of it. But most of us are not really problem-solving very well because we’re sitting there thinking I’m never gonna lose my weight. My marriage is never gonna be better. Something’s wrong with me? My life is too hard. This isn’t even possible. So we don’t even access the problem-solving part of our brain. So that’s what we’re gonna teach you to do. We’re gonna create the belief in you that it is possible for sure we’re gonna do this. And then from that place of belief, you’ll create a plan that’s unlike any other plan you’ve ever created. And then the last piece is radical. Self-Love explain that part, Lorissa,

Lorissa (07:22)

Right? I mean, I think that when we look at our lives so much, at least for me over in, in years past, I can look at my life as I, I like to describe it as just being on default mode all the time. Mm-Hmm, just reacting, responding to things, never really feeling like I had any sense of control. Like I was just going like on a hamster wheel, running a million miles an hour, just trying to keep up. I always felt like I had this drowning sensation. Like I can’t even catch my breath. And it was just always, always responding to life. And what we wanna do is completely like we don’t wanna live like that. And I don’t believe God wants us to live like that either. What we’re talking about with this whole program, this great life program is really taking responsibility for our lives and getting in the driver’s seat, along with God and saying, okay, I’m, you know, what is the life I’m designing?

What is the life I’m creating? And that a big part of that to, to even get to that place has to be this notion of understanding what is self-love and creating space in our own lives to advocate for ourselves and to dig deep, even with, I mean, significantly with the help of the holy spirit as to what it is in our lives that, that we need in order to be able to say, I want, you know, I wanna create this life that isn’t just on default. It’s not, I’m not living on accident. I’m living very intentionally with the desires that God has placed on my heart to create an amazing and extraordinary life, not one that’s free of suffering. We know that that’s not possible, but how am I creating the life that I do believe God is calling me to live and radical self love is a big part of it. And it’s probably the hardest part and the most, one of the most significant aspects that we as women of, of, of God need to dive into, we need to support each other in this. We need to advocate for this and need to practice it because our daughters are looking to us to show them what this looks like, our friends, our family members, our mothers, our sisters need an example of what a woman who loves herself radically looks like, and who allows God to love her radically.

Sterling (09:55)

Yeah. I and I are glad that you said that it’s probably the hardest step because it is. And I want you guys to know that you are capable of doing challenging things and this work is absolutely worth it because the foundation of why we’re not making progress in our lives always comes down to a self-worth issue. It just always us. I mean, we have been coaching hundreds of women for over a year now, and it just always comes down to not believing that you are worthy of love, that God really loves you, that you deserve a love that you deserve to love yourself. And we just are gonna help unpack that with you so that you can feel the progress you’re gonna make on this one great goal with love because that is the way that you’re gonna show up on the hard days. 

And we’re not gonna tough love our way through it. We’re not gonna white knuckle it and, you know, whip ourselves with harsh, you know, albeit motivating thoughts in our head, right? We’re really just gonna fuel our progress with love. We’re gonna love ourselves so gently and wonderfully to progress in the one goal that you choose. And I am choosing to spend the entire year working on my marriage. And I really wanted to pick a goal that was not quantifiable because I think often losing weight or making money, you know, we can add numbers to that and we will teach you how to do those for sure. But I wanted to pick one that was a little harder to measure and I wanted to live publicly with all of you and show you the progress that I think is really, really possible when you go all in, on work on one relationship in your life. And I, I anticipate that it’s going to improve all the other aspects of my life. I really think that’s what’s gonna happen. So what is your focus gonna be LSA? Yeah, 

Lorissa (11:50)

I, you know, a lot of times, it’s funny in past years I have really focused on, I mean, I’ve always struggled with my weight. And so it’s always been a quantifiable number of like, Hey, I wanna lose 20 pounds this year, 30 pounds or 50 or whatever it happens to be. But for me this year, when I really focus on what is the one aspect, like for me, it’s my overall health and physical wellbeing. And so weight definitely plays a part in that. And I’m gonna be like breaking it down a little bit into some, you know, specific goals around weight loss. But for me, it’s really gonna be about making my overall health emotional and physical health. My top priority. I know, I know that if I do this one thing, if I work on really improving this aspect of my life, I will have more energy. 

I will feel better physically. And I will. I know that it will help all the other aspects of my life. I know it’ll help my relationships. It will help me. I, in the mission that I believe that is placed on my heart, you know, in the work he’s calling me to do. And I’m excited to be probably for the first time, cuz I think sometimes when in, in just saying, okay, I wanna lose a certain amount of weight. That’s one thing, but really saying, okay, Larissa, I want, you know, the one thing is to really take care of yourself in, in a very significant way. Again, that’s where that radical self-love piece comes in. And I know that it’s gonna trickle over to the other aspects of my life. 

Sterling (13:26)

Yeah Absolutely. And you know, I wanna invite some of you that your number one thing is to improve your faith life. And that does not feel like a very fun goal to say, I’m gonna drastically improve my faith life for the whole year, but for some of you, that is the key. That is the thing that’s blocking you from making progress all the rest of your life. And if I told you, if you spent one year improving your faith life, creating those routines morning or in the evening making it to adoration or confession. And if you really learned how to become a woman of faith, that all the rest of the goals that you achieve for the whole rest of your life would be easier. And so, you know, I want you guys to be praying about what is one area of your life that if you improved, would help unlock your ability to improve all the rest of the areas of your life. And that is exactly what we’re going to teach you in the great life blueprint, and we’re gonna do it together. Starting on January 3rd in masters. So, you know, we just wanna invite you to join us. We

Lorissa (14:34)

Do January, third’s the workshop start and I am gonna be leading that together. And then the whole month of January, we have coaching calls specifically where we’re gonna be diving into this one area and breaking it down, coaching women on this. So that really January is setting us up for the whole year of success. And we have four coaching calls a week. So for those of, for those that are in our master’s program, have access to weight loss, time management, general coaching pertaining to any air area that you might want coaching on. So if you’re not in masters, this is an amazing time to join, to jump in, to get this blueprint, to be on this journey with us. I just wrapped up our 10 pounds down the challenge that we did. It was a weight loss challenge that quite a few of our Master’s members did over the past two months. And it was so powerful to be in a group, you know, going through this together with other women. And I think that’s the beauty of what we offer in masters is that we all are gonna probably have our one goal in January and some of them will be similar, but for a lot of us, we will all come with a goal that’s very unique. And yet we’ll be doing it together. We’ll be working on this together and that’s, what’s powerful.

Sterling (16:02)

Yeah. And I think here’s the thing. We have everything in masters. We spent a year. Our plan was always, to build these programs and put everything you need to improve your life in, in masters. So when you join, you can go to any of those different areas of your life. But how incredible is it to spend an entire month setting yourself up for success for the year? I think a lot of us spend two hours or one weekend thinking about the new year and making those goals. And that’s mostly the thought that we put into it. And instead, we are saying, no, we are going to not only spend that initial time at the beginning of the month, making the plan, but we’re gonna really dig into it for the whole month. We’re gonna poke holes in the plan. We’re gonna say, what’s what could possibly stop me from reaching this goal.

And by the end of January, we want you to feel like achieving your goal is inevitable. Like you made such an incredible plan and you took away all of the roadblocks, either mentally or in your life circumstantially, that it’s a no-brainer. It’s completely done that you will achieve this goal for the year. And that is something that you have probably never done before. And when I learned how to do this, not only did I achieve the goals that I set when I did this, but I now just believe that I can do this every year, every year, I’m gonna pick one area of my life that I’m gonna drastically transform. And it has made me feel so powerful having this skill. And we are just so excited to teach you how to do this.

Lorissa (17:33)

Yes, it is time ladies let’s design the life of our dreams. This we know what God has planted in our hearts. It’s time to actually make it, put it into a plan, and watch it bloom.

Sterling (17:49)

Yeah, it’s gonna be so fun. So I just wanna tell you the three steps again, okay. Creating massive belief that you absolutely can and will achieve this goal. We’re gonna create a powerful plan. We’re gonna ask ourselves what is getting in the way, what are the thoughts that are getting in the way, and then how gonna reorganize my, my life so that I work with my human brain. We’re gonna talk about habit creation and how the brain works so that you can set yourself up for success. And then we’re gonna teach you about radical self-love, which is really you guys. Just the way that God loves you. He’s always loved you completely and fully. Just the way that you are. I’m we’re gonna teach you to do that. And then we’re gonna use love as the fuel for achieving this one great goal that you set out. All right. So come join us. It starts on January 3rd. We’re super excited. Anything else you wanna add? No, I can’t wait. Let’s do it. We are creating saints. You guys. That’s what we’re. That is what you were called for, for sainthood. And you were made for greatness.