Loving The Plateau

July 21, 2021

We often think that setbacks or a lack of progress is a bad thing. Our brains tell us that something has gone wrong. Then we hear the whisper of… and you’ll never have what you want.

But what if we turned it around? What if we learned to love our plateaus? What if we saw the plateau as evidence that we ARE on the right path?


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Hi, and welcome to the Made For Greatness podcast. I’m your host Sterling Jay. And today on episode 38, we’re going to be talking about loving the plateau. And I’m going to start off talking about loving a weight loss plateau, but then I’m going to explain how we can take that concept and apply it to any goal that we’re going for in our life. Any kind of journey or trial or thing we’re training for, or even just season. But before I dive into that, I just want to say thank you to our latest podcast reviewer. It’s a bunch of numbers and letters, so not your name, but I think you’ll know who you are. And it says incredible value for everyday life. This podcast is worth your time. I love listening to it. I’ve learned so much just from listening to Sterling in the Rissa and if seen huge changes in my own life from implementing the things they share, seriously, my new favorite podcast.


Lorissa Horn & Sterling Jaquith

Sterling and Lorissa are very different moms. Lorissa lives in town, her family loves playing baseball, and she’s proud to send them to Catholic school. Sterling lives in the country, her family loves camping, and she unschools the kids.

The thing these women have in common, an unyielding devotion to Christ. Seriously, if you hang out with either of them, they’re gonna talk about Jesus, a lot. He’s the center of their life.


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