Losing 100 lbs with Kristy Horsch

May 26, 2021

Listen to this amazing interview with Kristy Horsch who lost 100 lbs and learned to enjoy her daily life more! She’s a Catholic mom who is raising five daughters in the country and she had such a huge transformation that she decided she also wanted to be a life coach.

Her story is so fun and inspiring! Learn about how managing your mind can help you enjoy being YOU!


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Hi, and welcome to the Made for Freatness podcast. I’m Sterling Jay. And today on episode 30, I’m joined by Kristy Horsch. She is one of our master members and I am so excited for you to get to hear her story today. Welcome Kristy. How are you doing?


I’m doing very well. Thank you so much for having me.


Oh, you’re our very first guest. So exciting for me to have someone on to talk to you. I love interviews. I’m so excited and so honored. Wonderful. Well, why don’t you tell us a little bit about who you are and where you live, and then we’ll talk about weight loss and life coaching and all the things.


Okay. Well, I am Catholic and I am a wife. I’ve been married for almost 16 years and we have five daughters and they are 12, nine, six, four and 18 months.

And we live in Kansas and we live on a small farm, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. So very nice. Very nice. And how did you first find, how did you first find me, I guess? Oh, I found you a long time ago with coffee and pearls. Oh, very nice. So you were falling coffee pearls. And then last year I ran this challenge called slim down with the saints and it was the weight loss challenge that I had created. Just wanting to tell everyone what I had learned. So tell us a little bit about what your year look like, kind of leading up to that challenge and then what the challenge was like for you. Okay. So prior to the challenge I had had my fifth baby and I had gotten to the highest weight I’ve ever been, and I was feeling pretty hopeless about that.

Like it was never going to get better because even, almost a year after having her, I hadn’t lost very much weight. And I was just feeling really stuck, had been trying lots of different things and nothing was, seemed to be working. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, you know, so life had changed. We had for non pandemic related reasons decided to start homeschooling. It was a whole new world for us and weight loss just was not happening at all. And so then when I found the slimdown with the saints challenge, I just decided that what did I have to lose at that point? And I went for it and I learned the model and it completely my life. And I know that sounds really cliche, but it really did it, it transferred over to every other area of what I was doing and it has just gone from there and now I’ve lost a hundred pounds and, oh, wait, we got to pause. Okay.

And that’s just an amazing thing that some people are never able to do. Did you think you were going to be able to do that before, before the challenge? No, I did not. I didn’t, I really didn’t think I would ever be able to do that is so amazing. That is so amazing. And just so you guys know the challenge she’s talking about is the challenge that’s in masters, right? That’s exact, I mean, I just, I, I did it with a bunch of women before. Cause I, you know, I wanted to know if it was as powerful for other women as it was for me. Like I was just one person and it changed my life, but I wasn’t sure if it would do that for other people. And so that’s why I ran that challenge just to kind of see as a group, what would it feel like?

But it was so fun and we had just amazing results and we just continued to see people get those results in masters. So tell us a little bit about how losing weight felt different this time. Maybe were your actions different? Were you eating different things? Like what made this different? I think what made it different this time was that I was managing my mind. I wasn’t white, knuckling it through everything. That’s been really powerful for me before I was always white knuckling. It, maybe I would give up certain foods or have a certain diet, but it was always just my willpower that would have to get me through. And that’s not sustainable. That’s not a sustainable model to lose weight with. And so this time by learning how to manage my mind, I don’t have to white knuckle it anymore. And so it’s, they’re still hard days, but overall it’s just a lot more sustainable and a lot more long-term I feel like I have a lot more longevity in this this time.

Yeah. I totally agree. Like I it’s true. I still have days where I maybe eat things off plan or have temptations still, but it’s like, I have this solid knowing now that I know exactly what I need to do to lose weight and that I can, and it can be so easy. And the easiness is just about knowing exactly what you need to do. So I may wake up and have a day where I don’t choose to do that, but I’m not confused. I’m not like, oh, this will never work for me. I know exactly how to do it and how to manage my mind. And it did feel so easy. I mean, I, I can’t believe how easy it felt to lose 70 pounds. So tell me a little bit about how learning, how to manage your mind, helped you with your kids. Well, to help me with my kids, it’s by managing my mind, I can now I used to think a lot, well, they should be doing this or they shouldn’t be doing that or the, you know, but now I’m more their kids.

This is what kids do. It’s okay. It doesn’t reflect on me. Like it used to. I used to think of it as a reflection of me or they’re doing something I don’t want them to be doing. That’s a reflection on me and it, and it’s not. I’ve also through managing my mind. I have so much more time because I’m not just stuck all the time, thinking these negative thoughts. And so I’m able to manage our schedule better. And so with my kids, that’s so much more helpful because I can give them more individualized, time, more more of the attention that they need, if that makes sense. And so it’s just really helped me. It’s just helped me to be a better mom to them. And, and overall, this has just given me so much more confidence too. So I’m a lot more confident in my skills as a mother, because I know what to do.

And I think that thought all the time that I know what I’m doing. And so I can find evidence of that and we’re able to keep going in our day, even when we have spots, I love that. Let’s just pause there for that, because I want you guys to understand when we say that you can change your thoughts and you have the tool, the model to do it. This is exactly how it sounds, where you can begin to think. You could just wake up tomorrow and choose to think I know what I’m doing. And then your brain will find lots of evidence that you do know what you’re doing. So it’s not like it’s not like new agey magic or something where you wake up and you suddenly believe like, oh, I have blue hair. And then suddenly you have blue hair, right? We can’t change things that aren’t true, but you do know what you’re doing.

And if I were to come to your house, I, since I’m not you and I don’t have your concerns or your worries or your doubt, I would show you as my friend, I would say, oh my goodness, look at what a great mom you are. Look at these systems you’ve created, you know, look at how your schooling, the kids look at how you’re sharing your faith. And I would show you all these examples that you do know what you’re doing, and that’s all we’re trying to do with our brains. We’re just trying to redirect our brain. We’re saying, Hey brain, today. You’re going to think about how we totally know what we’re doing. And then as it finds more evidence for that, you just spiral up and your confidence increases because the more you have that yummy feeling of confidence and this idea that you know what you’re doing, you’ll try more things and you’ll figure out more things to do.

And it’s great. Kristy, what would you say your husband would say about watching you through this experience? Oh, he’s loved it. It’s been, it’s been great. He would, he would first give me a hard time because he’s been kind of telling me to do this for years, telling me you should change your thoughts and I’d be like, I can’t change my thoughts. I don’t, I don’t know what you’re talking about. My thoughts just, or whether there, and he was always telling me that. And so he’s always like, yeah. Sterling had to tell you before you’d believe me, he loves it. I mean, he loves seeing me so happy and confident and just the way it’s changed our whole family by me being happier and confident, everybody else gets to be more happy and confident. Yeah. This, I mean, I hear this in our program a lot where wives will say exactly that like, oh, my husband does this so effortlessly and he’s been telling me to do it.

And I don’t know. Why do you think women, maybe. Why do you think we struggle with that more? That we’re more feeling beings. I don’t know. What do you mean? I think it’s the feelings thing. And I think we’re really told all of our lives that were so emotional and that are, and I think we’ve never been taught how to feel our feelings. And so we just really ride on those emotions and we don’t look at where they’re coming from. And so then once we can see that we’re choosing our feelings through choosing our thoughts, it gives us just that tool to stand on. And when we realize we can feel all of our feelings and we’re okay. I think for me, I spent a lot of time of trying to avoid my feelings through eating and other buffers. But yeah. So I think that it’s that emotional thing that we just haven’t been taught how to manage those emotions.

Absolutely. So when you have a bad day now or a stressful day, what do you consciously do instead of foods? You’re feeling like, oh, we’re just having a day, right? I’m like, honey, I’m happy today. And when you’re having something like that, and it might’ve been a time where you would have reached for cookies or chips or something like that. Now, what do you do in that moment when you’re feeling kind of stressed or overwhelmed in the kitchen, what do you choose to do instead when you’re thinking more consciously? Well, I remind myself what my goals are and what my dreams are and what my, you know, my plan is. And so that really helps me stay rooted in the moment I will. I’ll sometimes, you know, if I’m in the kitchen and it is really tempting, I’ll leave the kitchen. I don’t have to stay at, I don’t have to stay there.

And I maybe I’ll go say a prayer. I also have just so much more compassion for myself. Like, of course you’re wanting a cookie right now, but you don’t need that. You know? And then with that compassion, I’ve also made plans for myself self for bad days. So I know, okay, the baby was up all night. I have a tired day. I have a plan of maybe a little bit different food on that day and a little bit less stress on that day because I know that I’m going to be tired that day. Or if, you know, things are just completely not what I had planned for the day, something comes up and it’s turned into, you know, the kids are being crazy or something. I have a plan for that too. Okay. So I’ve set myself up. My past self has set my future self up for success, no matter what my day brings.

Oh, that’s so amazing. And that’s something we teach you in the program is really just to understand these three different versions of yourself, right? Your past self, your present self and your future self. And we’re always kind of thinking about those three things. And when we, each one of them, they take care of each other and it sounds just like this. And it’s such a beautiful thing where, you know, your past self will think about, you know, Hey, what are we going to do on a hard day? And I think, especially when you have a lot of kids or young children or unpredictable schedules, it is good to say, what’s my backup plan. You know, I may have had this perfect plan, but I have this backup plan for myself when I need a little bit more love, care support, and that’s okay. Kristy, can you tell us you know, weight loss is not a straight line, right?

It’s not like you do the program and you’re like, cool, I’m fixed. I know how to do everything. And every day it’s going to be perfect. So what do you want to say to a woman who’s, you know, tackling weight loss, she’s learning how to manage her mind. Maybe she’s lost 20 pounds. Right. And then she eats off plan or she has a bad day. Like what do you want to tell her about how that’s totally fine. And we’re going to experience that on this longer journey of losing our weight for the last time. Yeah, exactly. I would want to tell her that, that this is just a day in a journey and a year from now, you’re not going to remember this day. You’re not going to remember that you fell off plan that one day. And I would just tell her to have so much love and compassion for herself because we’re all going to have days where we make mistakes.

But then, then we’re just going to start again. We’re just going to start over again. We’re going to remind ourselves of our goals and our dreams. And, and for me, it’s really important that I have all of that written down. So in the moment, if I feel like I can’t remember it, I can go back and see it in writing that. Yep. That’s what I want. That’s what I want more than I want the cookies. And so that’s, that’s what I do when I, when I fall off of plan, I just try to have so much compassion for myself. I don’t beat myself up anymore. I used to beat myself up all the time when I was trying to lose weight. And that was not, that was not sustainable because like we just talked about past self and future self. I couldn’t trust myself because I wasn’t taking care of myself.

I was sewing into myself. So just being so loving to yourself, building that trust with yourself, that, you know, even if we do fall, I’m going to pick myself back up and we’re going to keep going, love it. So as you’ve kind of been repairing this relationship with yourself, and that’s why I like to think of it as we are really repairing like decades of just being so mean to ourselves. And as you kind of fall in love with yourself and discover how just wonderful self compassion is, how has that shown up in your life in ways outside of how you’re eating? Like, how else are you taking care of yourself now that’s different than it was before? Well, I take care of my, first of all, I get dressed every day, which sounds, maybe sounds silly to some people, but, you know, I was, I’m a stay at home mom and I just didn’t have to get dressed so I wouldn’t get dressed or maybe I would shower, but I would still put on, you know, yoga pants every day and, and not get dressed, which is fine, but it didn’t have showing up the way I wanted to.

So now every day I get dressed in the morning and I put my makeup on and I brush my hair and I feel so much more capable when I do that. But I wouldn’t spend that time for myself previously. Like I do my nails now. I never, I haven’t done my nails in decades. You know, things like that. That just helped me to feel like I can show up better. And I don’t know this work to me, this work, like I said, it changed my life, but I don’t think it changed who I am. I think it made me more authentically who I am. I think that I had been for so long spiraling in this shame and doubt and, and just meanness to myself. And it, they were, those were all lies and they were all lies and stories that I had believed about myself that were lies.

And now I can see who I really am as a daughter of God and who he had created me to be. And so I’m just loving that person instead of all the lies I had created for myself over the years. Yeah. Oh, that’s just exactly how I feel. You know, of course, I didn’t know what Kristy was going to say any of the questions that I asked her, but and I didn’t know what kind of transformations women were going to have. I mean, I basically just changed my own life and went, oh, I have to tell everyone about this. And and so it’s so wonderful when I hear you guys experienced similar things and, and really deep change. And I tell me about how this has changed your relationship with the Lord. I feel like that was something that was so surprising to me in my story.

I just thought I already walked really closely with the Lord, but and this really just took me to another level. So did you experience that? Yes, definitely. I feel so much more connected and I’m, I’ve always tried to have, you know, habits of prayer and try to live liturgically, but it was always something I was kind of striving for. And now I feel like it’s more something that’s just naturally there. So every day I start with prayer and it’s because I want to take care of myself and take care of my relationship with God. I don’t put it off where it was before I might have put it off. So I have that prayer. I, I have the thought, I, one of my top thoughts is that I can discern the will of God. Well, and so I just feel like I go to God more when I’m trying to make a decision, because maybe before I would ask him, you know, help me with this or help me with that.

But now I feel like we’re more partnering on these things. Like I’m just much more in tune with what God is asking of me. And I’m much more willing to just say yes, because I have so much more confidence in myself that I can say, yep, God’s equipped me for this and I can do it and go. So what would you say to somebody who is just feeling nervous about joining the group either because life coaching sounds so unknown or maybe $49, sounds like a lot of money to them. What would you say to a woman that’s kind of struggling and in pain, particularly around weight loss? I would say so for me, I had honestly thought that it kind of sounded crazy to change your thoughts and that changing your thoughts to change your life. And I was like, that just sounds kind of crazy, but I also thought, what do I have to lose?

You know, the only thing I really had to lose was the weight because I was so miserable, you know, it felt like, well, it’s not going to really, this isn’t going to make it worse. But once I joined, like I said, it just changed everything. And it’s such, it’s, it’s simple in theory, but it’s not always easy, but it’s so rewarding and it’s such a great, it’s such a great way to change. Not just lose the weight, but change the way that you approach the world. I’m so much more open to other people. Now I’m so much more open to my family and connected to my family because I’m so much more open and connected to God. And so I, I understand that the price can seem a little bit much per month for some people, but to me, it’s what I get out of.

It is so much more than that. It’s so much greater. And, you know, I would rather, I would rather spend the 49 months on that than on basically anything else because it had done so much for us that, and it’s just a wonderful group. It’s a wonderful group of women. It’s so much great information it’s so supportive. I just, I can’t say enough good things about it. That’s really, really supportive. Dude. Why don’t you talk a little bit about group coaching? Do you watch the group coaching calls? Yes, I do join the group coaching calls. I, for those of you who don’t know group coaching Larysa or Sterling will come on and then people who joined the group coaching can listen in and someone will say something that they’re struggling with. And then Larissa is Sterling will coach them through it. And the rest of us just kind of gain from everybody’s knowledge.

And I really enjoy it because even though their circumstances might be exactly the same as mine, I can apply what they learned to my situation and I can see what they’re doing, and I’m more objective about their situation than I am about my own. So in some ways it’s easier for me to just transfer that over to myself than if I was even being coached on my own thing, because I don’t have the same blocks up as that as they do, if that makes sense. Absolutely. And that’s exactly what it is because when you’re, when you’re watching someone be coached, you’re like, it’s so obvious, right? Like you’re watching them and you’re like, as you’re watching me ask them questions, you’re like, I totally see where she’s going. It’s so obvious. But then as you see that, you’re like, oh yes, I also do something just like that.

And it is really difficult to see your own stuff. And so watching a coach take someone else through that, even if you never raise your hand to be coached, it really does show you your blind and help you just kind of see, oh, I, I struggle with that too. And just like Kristy said, you can apply it to your own life. Yes, exactly. I love, I love group coaching. And again, I lost all of my weight, never being coached personally. I just watched videos and I that’s all it was. I mean, I, it wasn’t a one-on-one thing. And I, I just knew, I knew the power of that. And I, and I wanted to bring that to Catholic women with Jesus. And it was just such a big dream for Liveris and I to get to do this with other Catholic women and just to watch them blossom.

And so, at what point did you have this thought? Maybe I want to be a life coach. It was actually pretty early on, and I was pretty surprised by it. I, I, hadn’t had a dream for myself and many years, you know, being lost in life. And so as I started praying and asking God, what is your dream for me? I really felt him calling me to share, to keep sharing this. And I couldn’t stop talking about it with anybody in any, you know, everybody who would listen because it’s been such, such a game changer for me. So then I decided to be a life coach too. And now I have started my own business. It’s called behold. And in it, I go off of a fusions for one, which says, I urge you to live a life worthy of the call you have received.

And so in order to do that, I help women discover what their dreams are to love the life that they have as is, and then to follow those dreams. And I do one-on-one coaching. I have a private face group, Facebook group, and I’m getting ready to kick off a weight loss program later this summer. So, and you know, one of the things that, one of the things Kristy said to me, you guys, she was like, I just, I don’t know if I want to talk about that, cause it’s what you guys do, but listen, listen, and Larissa would say the same thing. We are going to build an army to reach every single Catholic woman that we can in the world. Right? Like if I could take this one tool, the model managing your mind and give it to every single Catholic woman on the planet, we would just take over everything.

Right? Don’t you think Kristy, don’t you think we would just take over everything we would, we would, we would take over everything and, and it’s so amazing to watch my kids and how my kids have changed because I used the model on them and what, and then having all of these daughters, I can see what a blessing and what a benefit it’s going to be to them to be able to manage their thoughts, right. From the get-go instead of waiting 30 more years to figure it out. I know, I just think that too, like I w I can’t even imagine who I would be if I had this when I was younger. And here’s the thing about life coaching and why it’s going to explode because people will also just be drawn to different coaches, right? Just like in athletics, there are different specialties and different personalities.

And so we just need, we need people who feel called to do this work to say yes, because then they’re going to go help, you know, a hundred different women. And maybe two of those women will end up being life coaches, and then they’re going to go help hundreds of women. And we’re just going to see this huge ripple effect happen in the life coaching world. And, and it just feels like becoming who God really meant us to be. And so for you, it may not be that you ended up being a life coach, but you know, God does have a huge, huge plan and a huge dream for you. And so, Kristy, what would you say about women who are right now have a ton of kids or just little kids or something, and they just think, I don’t even know how to dream anymore.

I would, first of all, I would just want to give them a hug and tell them it’s okay. Cause I know how painful that is. Cause that’s a really painful place to be, to not know where, not know how to dream or not, know what you want from your life. And, and it hurts. And so I would tell them to do that for themselves to just have so much compassion that, of course, of course you aren’t dreaming right now. And then from there to begin to just build up that love and trust with yourself and just start to go to God in prayer and just, you know, tell him, I, I want to dream and I know you have a dream for me. Can you show that to me? And he will, he’ll make it very clear to you what that dream, what that dream is.

And, and then as you keep using this model and these tools, you’re going to gain that confidence to go out and live that dream. So, yeah, I love that. I love that. What are some challenges you think specifically that rural moms face kind of being isolated or living on the land or having to kind of live through farm life and all that that entails, what do you think are some just unique challenges that they experienced, that they could then use the model to kind of manage their minds around? Well, I think some of it is isolation. You know, we’re not, we’re not very close to anybody else. It’s not like, okay, let’s have a plate, let’s call the neighbor kids over that. You know, it has to actually be a planned out bigger thing. If you’re going, if you’re going to do anything or even with food and weight loss, you have to be really on top of it because it’s going to take you an hour to go to the grocery store.

So it’s not like, oh, we ran out of lettuce today. I’m just going to go run to the store and grab some lettuce. No, I can’t drive two hours to get a bag of lettuce. Like that’s just not. Yeah. And so there’s just a lot of different things, you know, country, life just presents some different things and different, different ideas. And, and that’s kind of what we, we go through some of that stuff and in my, the whole program and using the model to just work through those things and plan, plan out for those days when maybe you do run out of lettuce, you know, and what are we going to do instead and, and go from there. So, yeah. Oh, I just love that. I love that. I mean, it is, it is a particular lifestyle just like living, you know, in the middle of a city, like an urban life.

When my brother and his wife were raising their kids with no car in the middle of the city and, and they have, you know, different challenges around that too. And that’s, that’s what I love about getting together with like-minded women too, is that it, it just feels like this wonderful relief to know that we’re all struggling with very similar things. Like when you see someone get coached on something that you struggle with, it just makes you feel like you’re not so alone. Yes. Yes. That was really shocking to me that how many people thought the same way I thought, and now in starting my own life, coaching business, the people that have come to me and said, I can’t believe that you thought that way too, or that, you know, all these other people are thinking the same way as I am, because I’ve been doing this my whole life.

And I thought there was something wrong with me. Just me. It’s not, it’s all of us. You all have mine garbage. You guys, all of us have so much garbage in there that we’ve got to clean out. Yeah. One of the, I was so grateful for this mom in one of our group coaching calls this week, she privately messaged me anonymously and she said, I really want to get coached on the vaccine, but I’m so nervous about it. Can you just talk about it? And so I took out my whiteboard, I love my whiteboard, you guys. And I drew a line down the middle and I put pro vaxxers anti-vaxxers and we just wrote all the reasons that someone would be one of the other. And then we talked about how we could have so much love and compassion for either person. And what’s funny is I didn’t know what her position was and I didn’t share what my position was, but I just said like, we can love anyone no matter what they believe.

And we can treat them with kindness and we can set boundaries if they don’t treat us with kindness. And it was such a wonderful and fruitful conversation because I had a chat box open. So everyone was like, oh, thank you. Or I have that too. Or I’m struggling with this and my extended family. And it was such a moment that brought all of us together. And again, even though nobody was live on camera being coached, it was something we were all able to talk about and think through, because you can just manage your thoughts around absolutely anything. And that’s so true with other people. I used to, you know, blame other people for my circumstances or for the way I was feeling that day. I’ll because she did this. I, I feel this way now, but to get out of that, you know, there is no, they should do anything like your, in your example, they should vaccinate.

They shouldn’t vaccinate that it doesn’t affect me anymore because I’m managing my mind around it. If that makes sense. And it’s so fun to watch you go through this journey. Especially because it feels so similar to my own, and I just can’t imagine what we are capable and how we will grow over the next five years, because it’s been such a short period of time, really relatively that I have learned all of this and that it changed my life so much that I just, I can’t even imagine what five years from now looks like. Do you think about that? I do. And it’s, it’s just shocking. Like for me to think that I’ve only known about these tools since September is so shocking because it so radically changed everything for us. And so thinking out five years, what, you know, what is it? Eight months, eight, nine months has done.

I can’t imagine what five more years will do. Yeah, no, I just, I love that so much, so, okay. Kristy, I want to ask you if you’re willing to share what are some foods that you eat? Cause that’s what everyone wants to know. They’re like, okay. Forget the mindset drama though. But what did you actually eat? Like they want to know. Well, I guess what I eat is probably kind of boring to most people, but I don’t have drama about it. So my favorites, I love roasted spinach and garlic. And I eat a lot of, zoodles a lot of zucchini noodles. I eat some tuna. I, I eat wheat, we have chicken, so we eat a lot of eggs. So there’s a lot of eggs. You know, a lot of vegetables and protein are, are big staples for me. Did you add in exercise? I know in the program, I kind of recommend not adding an exercise, but I don’t demand anything. So tell us about whether you were adding an exercise while you were losing all this weight. I think that the, what sold me on the program was not having the exercise.

So I didn’t start exercising until April. And so I wasn’t exercising at all because I had the thought in my head that I don’t like to exercise. I’m not good at exercising those thoughts, but then it came to this point where I wanted to exercise, which I never thought would happen, but I had extra energy, which was shocking. So I, I really felt like I wanted to do it. And so I’ve been doing mind work around, around the exercising. I don’t consider my exercise as part of my weight loss plan. I’m not exercising to lose weight, I’m exercising because I want to move my body. And because it feels good to move my body, which is still really kind of shocking to me. But those are the thoughts. And that’s kind of how I’ve been working on the, the whole exercise part of it. Yeah.

Oh, I love that. So we’re about ready to launch a 60 day strong challenge. And let me describe the challenge and then Kristy, you can tell me if you’re going to participate in maybe what your focus will be. So we’re going to do a 60 day challenge with the members and masters, and we’re going to have them do four things every day. We’re going to have you pray for 15 minutes, drink 64 ounces of water, do one model. So that’s the tool we use to manage our mind. And then you get to pick a daily goal. And so there are going to be two different tracks. There’s going to be a loss track and then there’s going to be just everybody else. And so there will be some women who are choosing to lose weight and they will pick a daily goal.

Their daily goal will probably be to eat on plan or to write their plan down or something around that. And then everyone else is going to focus on something that they want to cultivate. So I’m going to focus on walking 10,000 steps a day because I just feel like I want to become a person who does that. And I want it to feel weird to me in my body that I’m not walking that much. And I’m really pretty far from that. Now, I think I’ve mentioned before that naturally I take about four to 5,000 steps. If I don’t think about it at all, I live a pretty sedentary life and I also have it in my mind that I don’t like exercise. And so I just want to, I just want to change that. I want to become a person who walks 10,000 steps every day.

And here’s what the challenge does. As soon as you tell your brain, Hey, we’re going to do this every day for 60 days. It freaks out, freaks out it’s, that’s what it’s going to do. And then we’re going to use these tools to manage our mind around all the excuses that come up. So what do you think about the 60 day strong towns? Oh, I’m excited about it because I have 40 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight. And this is exactly what I need to keep going, because you know, you hit that a hundred pound milestone and then my brain kind of freaked out again. So now I’m gearing up for this challenge and doing the mind work around, we can do this for 60 more days. Not that I think I’ll lose 40 pounds in 60 days, but you know, it’ll be the next step, the next 10%, the next, the next push towards that.

So I’m really looking forward to it. I love that you said that because you know, you’d think for somebody who lost a hundred pounds, that they’d have competence in losing weight, but there are still your brain hates discomfort. So your brain is trying to talk you out of it every step of the way. It’s like, oh, that was it. The hundred was easy, but the 40 is going to be so hard. You don’t know how to do that. Right. And so it will do everything that it can to talk you out of pushing through. And that’s why I like challenges a lot because they just, they give you an extra motivator to kind of do it. And I love 60 days because most of us can feel like, okay, I could do that. It feels challenging, but doable and it’s not forever. And the other reason I really love that we’re doing this challenge in June and July, which might just be a little self-serving.

But I feel like in June and July, there’s just this like vacation attitude and there’s barbecues all of a sudden, and then there’s just like drinks everywhere. And it’s so easy to give into that, especially when the weather gets warm. And I really wanted a reason to stay connected with my body and my goals in the midst of those distractions, because as we kind of are seeing COVID restrictions being lifted, I think there’s just going to be a lot of people getting together and having a fun summer. And I want to believe and practice. I can have a fun summer without cookies and beer, you know, like I want to know what that looks like. And so I just love this, this kind of 60 day challenge as a way to kind of push me in over the next two months. Yes. I love that because the same with the summer, it’s all these things and we’ve already kind of experienced some of that with graduation parties coming out.

And so I really want to become a person who doesn’t have to celebrate with food that can enjoy myself and love what I’m doing and love my life without having to eat my way through the whole thing. And so this challenge is, is really exciting for this summer to be able to do that. Absolutely. So just like for those of you that ever participated in Larissa’s fit and Holly challenge, we have this really fun points tracker we’ll be keeping track of points. And then we’ll be giving away prizes at the end in both tracks. So prizes for people that lose the most weight and then prizes for people on the other side who get the most points, but all of us are going to be keeping track of these four things every day, prayer, water, doing a model and your daily goal.

And we’re going to create a special pop-up Facebook group just for this, so that we can be chatting about it. All the time we do have a private Facebook group for masters, but we wanted one that was just for the challenge so that I could go in there and do daily live videos and be chatting and that it would be, you know, just tons of information about this, this one thing. And so that you guys could all see your own mind drama, right? I want all of you to share all the Trixie ways that your brain is trying to get you to, to not do it, to think that it’s too hard to give up, to think that you’re a special, shiny unicorn. Who’s the only one with problems, right? Like that’s the thing I want people to know is that like, we’re all pretty much the same. And we all just have human brains that like to avoid pain and avoid risk and to seek pleasure, right? Like that’s what our brains are designed to do.

All right. 60 days strong, if you guys want to join, just go to made for greatness.com and click on 60 days, make sure you sign up for masters by June 1st. And so we’re going to be doing it in the month of June and July. You can come hang out with Kristy, it’s going to be super fun. And if you’re looking for a one-on-one life coach and you think Kristy sounds awesome, how can they reach out to you? Well, I have a private Facebook group that we can link to in your show notes. And otherwise you can just search for behold on Facebook and I’m there. And I’ll also send you my website that you can put in the show notes too. Okay, fantastic. Awesome. So that’s how you can get a hold of Kristy. And I wait to hear about you losing your last 40 pounds like that is so done.

Like you will definitely do that this year. And that just sounds so exciting. Thank you so much. I’m so excited to next year. Not have weight loss as one of my new year goals. Can you even imagine? I feel like I had weight loss as my new year’s goals for 25 years. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. I came in and then this year I just had five pounds to lose and, and that really rocked my self identity. I thought it would feel good, but it actually felt weird. And I had to manage my mind around that because I had to like, let go of this story that that’s who I was. And I was like, oh, we’re going to have to be someone else, Val. It was crazy. Well, and all the mind space that opens up for you when you don’t have to be somebody who struggles with your weight anymore.

It’s amazing what you can do. Yeah. I love how you shared that. You really felt like you had more time because that is really how I felt. I felt like someone gave me two hours of my day back, either in mental space or in physical energy. And that is how I was able to get more things done with my life. And I don’t know if that was just the space that was being taken up by food thoughts and thinking about food and thinking about my weight or if it was just learning the model and managing all of my emotions. But that’s probably been the biggest gift for me is just feeling like I have more time. Yeah, exactly. I’m homeschooling now. And I started a business and I still feel like I have more time. Like it’s crazy. And I think like you said, it’s just managing your mind.

Yeah. Yeah. So I just want to give, thanks to God. I just want to give thanks to God for all the people who led me to this tool that led me to discovering this and for this, for our community and for all of the women in masters who show up and are vulnerable and they share their stories and they share their wins too, so that other people can see them as an example of what’s possible. It has all just been such a beautiful thing. And thank you so much, Kristy for joining me today and being on the show and sharing your story. It was really fun to hear all of it. Oh, thank you so much for having me and thank you so much for all that you guys are doing. All right. You guys come check us out. It made for greatness, that C oh, and you know what? I just want to call you to be brave. I just want to call you to be brave because the world offers you comfort, but you are not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.



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