Summer of Connection

May 10, 2023

As moms, we know how important it is to connect with our kids. And with summer almost here, we have a great opportunity to do just that! In this episode, I share ways to have more connection with your kids through novelty, slowing down, creating traditions, being creative, and making sure each kiddo knows that they are truly loved. We can even combat negative self-talk by reminding our kids that they don’t have to do anything to be lovable. And finally, I give tips on how to make hugging our kids a regular part of our day. So let’s make this summer all about connection and creativity!



Join Us in Masters


Hello, my friends. Sterling here. How are you doing? May is a crazy, crazy time. I just saw the Holderness family calls. It’s May Sember. And I was like, yes, that is exactly what it is. It’s like December, but we don’t collectively talk about it like that. So if you feel like things are extra crazy right now, they probably are.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. I have a friend who is 36 weeks pregnant right now, and I was just like, I cannot imagine doing May and all the things and things and things while being pregnant. And so take a deep breath. You’re doing okay. You’re here. You’ve made it 100% of the days so far. God loves you. Some things are important, but not everything is important.


Lorissa Horn & Sterling Jaquith

Sterling and Lorissa are very different moms. Lorissa lives in town, her family loves playing baseball, and she’s proud to send them to Catholic school. Sterling lives in the country, her family loves camping, and she unschools the kids.

The thing these women have in common, an unyielding devotion to Christ. Seriously, if you hang out with either of them, they’re gonna talk about Jesus, a lot. He’s the center of their life.


Discerning the Will of God

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