This Lent, Give Up Your Struggle With Weight with Guest Host Denise Jelinek

February 8, 2023

Join Denise Jelinek, special guest host of this episode, as she reveals the secrets to a healthier relationship with food. Listen to her powerful story of food recovery and discover how she has helped women find peace with food. Sign up for Denise’s eight-week intensive starting Feb 13th and take the first step towards your own journey to food freedom.



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Hello everybody. My name is Denise Jelinek and I am your guest host today Sterling and Larissa asked me to step in today to share with you a very exciting program that we’re offering during Lent for Catholic moms who struggle with their weight . And I say it’s very exciting because it’s something that you’ve never even done before or likely even heard about. And even though you feel like you’ve tried everything, you haven’t tried this. And I do know that you’re looking for something to do for Lent, to bring you closer to Christ, to deepen your faith. So keep listening. If you struggle with your weight, if you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re probably even ready to give up, you might even feel controlled by food and by controlled, I mean you see yourself do things with food that you don’t really wanna be doing, even though you have the greatest intentions, do not be doing them. And you’re even confused. I’m like, what’s the best thing to eat?


Lorissa Horn & Sterling Jaquith

Sterling and Lorissa are very different moms. Lorissa lives in town, her family loves playing baseball, and she’s proud to send them to Catholic school. Sterling lives in the country, her family loves camping, and she unschools the kids.

The thing these women have in common, an unyielding devotion to Christ. Seriously, if you hang out with either of them, they’re gonna talk about Jesus, a lot. He’s the center of their life.


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